The Wonkies - 1/4" Holly House

$ 225.00

The first in The Wonkies collection, the 1/4" scale Holly House is filled with Christmas cheer!  This kit includes almost everything you need to make your own tiny crooked house!  Kit includes: all of the laser cut wood, windows and doors, artwork, shingles, topiaries, wallpaper and flooring, laser cut furniture and the materials to make all of the accessories shown.

I once knew an older couple, their names really don't make a difference in the story, but I want you to know them, a little bit...

This older couple lived in the same house, were not married, which of course was scandalous at the time, but they had an agreement which worked for them.  Their bedrooms were in different parts of the same house but they ate together and they worked on jig saw puzzles during the long winters. Bessie was an incredible cook.  Frank built things. The only thing that was remarkable about Frank was the tiny houses that he built. He tried to eek out a meager living building and selling his little houses but he may have been an artist before his time. Each house had a distinct twist and color flair, you might say they were a little crooked. He didn't sell any.  Nevertheless, Frank soldiered on with his love of the tiny crooked houses and built them in the nooks and hollows all around Bessie's big farm.

When Frank and Bessie passed away, the tiny houses, most of them tucked into the woods, were forgotten. One day there was an auction to sell the farmhouse and the land. While walking through the overgrown woods and fields, a young woman discovered the neglected houses. She was entranced by the colors, the tiny misshapen windows, the tilted walls and crooked roofs.  An offer was made and accepted and the renovations for the little "Wonkies" artist retreats began.

In an old notebook found in the workshop at the farm, Frank had carefully conserved all the drawings and plans for all of the houses which had been named for Bessie's favorite flowers and trees. After the finished construction, she would follow him out to each build site, and walk all around each tiny house exclaiming that it was the "best one yet, Frank", and then simply say the name she thought best.

"Holly" was the first house to be brought back to life. The young woman decorated it with warm winter reds and snow whites and ivory, little trees, all her favorite things...this was to be her own tiny house. The appeal of the "Wonkies" spread. Artists from all around the country traveled to see the renown tiny houses in the artist's community. And so all the other little houses..."Ivy" and "Forget-Me-Knot" and "Petunia"...etc.......would also be reborn, lived in and loved.

*kit includes all sorts of artsy, crooked features...from varied shingles, tiny misshapen windows and tilted walls to an off-kilter chimney and funky house artwork.  Artsy doodles are optional - you can make this as "wonky" as you'd like!

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