Plexus - 7 Day Drink Pink Challenge

$ 20.00


  • ORDER HERE - you will receive 7 days of the "pink drink" SLIM for $20 (less than a Starbucks coffee per day!)

  • SORRY - this is only available in the USA at this time


  • You will be invited to a private Facebook group for this challenge. If you are not on Facebook, please provide us with your email and/or texting phone # and we will send you pertinent info.

What WE Will Do:

  • Give you a cute water bottle for FREE

  • Answer questions, concerns and give support

What YOU Will Need to Do:

  • Drink your Slim consistently every day for the duration of the challenge

  • Check into the Facebook private group once a day- for info, testimonies and prizes!!!  You do not need to comment, you can be a lurker :)

  • Be open minded, ask questions

Thanks for taking this challenge with us.

Everything is more fun with friends!!!