Firefly Mountain - a glamping project

$ 65.00


"...It was a glorious day for glamping.  Rosie pulled on her pastel cowboy boots, grabbed her supplies and slowly hiked up Firefly Mountain.  She emerged from the trail into a beautiful meadow.  The perfect place to set up camp.  Rosie unrolled her pretty, fringed hammock and setup the frame.  She found some branches that she used as poles and setup a make-do clothesline.  Next she rolled a large stump into place.  It would be perfect for a Swedish Fire Log.  After a few more minutes of unpacking, she sprawled out on her blanket with a pile of pillows, a big bag of marshmallows  and a few books.  Rosie gazed up at the blue sky and sighed with contentment."

Welcome to Firefly Mountain - a 1/4" scale glamping project.  This is an all inclusive kit. As in all of our kits, the wood is laser cut, the art and the fabrics are pre-printed and all the tiny bits are included. The 1/4" scale lantern and swedish fire log even light up! You supply the paint, glue and some minor tools. 

Kit includes:  paper mache marshmallow box, landscaping, electrical kit, clothesline, fabric and textiles, hammock, side table, lantern, crates, pots & pans, s'mores and marshmallow sticks, swedish fire log, overnight bag, bottles, a thermos, set of books, the artwork and complete instructions.