Shawn & Taryn - a health & wellness journey


Many of you are well aware of some of my story, as you were so very generous and loving as Scott and I struggled with fertility.  Some further backstory - I've struggled with hormonal issues all of my adult life due to an inoperable, benign pituitary tumor. My thyroid also decided to join the party and went haywire about ten years ago. Then my skin and hair started to change.  My hair was thinning and became dry.  My skin was super sensitive and I would get hives/blotchiness at least 1-2 times a day.  I suffered from hormone induced hot flashes.  I also struggled with digestion and tummy issues.  WOW.  What a mess, huh?

In my youth I was an athlete and I continue to be active. But...all of the failed infertility treatments caused further imbalance, more hot flashes, severe fatigue and insomnia, and major weight gain.  No matter how hard I tried, the fatigue wouldn't go away and the weight wouldn't budge. I could not sleep through the night without a sleeping pill.  I no longer felt like me.  And I was losing hope that I would ever feel good again.

I started hearing about a "pink drink" and these natural supplements from Plexus.  Several of my friends - people I trusted from fitness class and church - kept recommending Plexus.  Those around me know that I am not a "sure let's just wing-it" kinda girl.  I was a big time skeptic.  There was no way these could possibly help me.  I kept telling them no thank you.  But I was also desperate to improve my health, so I quietly did research and I carefully considered it.  I was intrigued by Plexus because it wasn't a band-aid fix.  The supplements get to the root issues and focus on gut health, inflammation and blood sugar balance.  Through my research I realized this BIG 3 was super important to address my hormonal, autoimmune and sleep issues.  The further I researched the more connections I found! Things we don't even did you know 90% of seratonin is made in our gut?  Me neither.

My friend reached out to me again - she was specifically looking for skeptics.  So I decided to go for it.  I asked my dad, Shawn, to join me on a 7 day "Drink Pink" challenge.  He was even more skeptical than me but we decided it was an easy way to "dip our toes in" and it would be an adventure we would share.  We both loved the taste and I loved that only 4 days in, I saw a dramatic increase in my energy.  For the first time, in a long time, I just felt GOOD.  We both decided to give the TRIPLEX a solid try over the summertime - a 3 month commitment because we wanted to give these natural supplements a chance to actually work.  This was an all natural approach to let our bodies recover, heal and become balanced from the inside out, so we knew we couldn't expect results overnight.  My poor health took years to develop so I honestly didn't expect to see any results very quickly.

After 1 month:  I was sleeping through the night, my energy was through the roof (steady not jittery), my skin and hair improved significantly, and I started to feel more like myself...

After 2 months:  SOLID sleep, steady energy, my hives and blotchiness completely gone, my clothes started to fit better (note:  I also injured my knee during this time so my activity level was actually reduced), NO MORE hot flashes, tummy issues gone...I decided at this point that because of the sleep/energy combo alone these supplements were now a permanent part of my health regimen.

After 3 months:  Awesome sleep? CHECK  Steady energy? CHECK  No skin/hair/hot flash issues? CHECK  Happy Tummy? CHECK

Months 4-5:  In addition to everything I have already experienced, I have dropped 2 pant sizes and finally fit back into jeans that I haven't worn in years.  But most importantly, I AM ME AGAIN.  My energy, my passion, my hope is ignited again.  What started as a desperate attempt to improve my own health issues has become so much more.*


I usually have good intentions. Health wise I try to be proactive, however as I have aged it’s been more and more difficult to put down a snack, exercise and even stay awake past 9:30. Once I did fall asleep, I would wake up after a few hours and have a hard time falling back asleep.

After having both of my knees replaced in 2015 (not at the same time, one in May and the other in October...I don’t know how those of you that had both done at the same time managed). I digress. After having them done, I slowed down very noticeably. I did all my PT and got as much movement back as possible for me. I would have some very active days and then days that I couldn’t get out of my own way.

This summer Taryn and I took a HEALTH & WELLNESS challenge with Plexus. She had heard great things about their supplements and we decided to try the challenge together. She read everything she could get her hands on about it. I took the approach of, yah, I’ll try it for the summer, but if I don’t see results, I’m out.

So, I’ve taken the Plexus TRIPLEX all summer and I honestly can tell the difference. 

The TRIPLEX is a combo that is designed to get your gut back into balance. It consists of 3 supplements that work with each other.  The "pink drink" called Slim, which tastes great, balances blood sugars and gives me energy. The Bio Cleanse to remove the harmful microbes and substances from your gut and the ProBio 5 probiotic which restores the healthy stuff in your intestinal tract. I have to say I do have more energy, less sugar cravings, an appetite for heathy foods and have lost some weight. I sleep better too! 

Plexus also offers other supplements that I now use and swear by... XFactor Plus is their multivitamin and Ease Capsules, which I often take instead of Advil, for my aches and pains. I also use the Ease Cream on achy muscles.

I feel more active and healthy than I have in the last couple of years. Robin says I have my mojo back. I think she is right.*


So here we are now...

We have been so impressed with what we've experienced that many of our close family members have now joined our journey.  When something helps so much, it is hard to keep your mouth shut about it - what if this could really help someone?  What if it could change their lives?  Never did we think we'd be trying to help folks with health and wellness.  But it is hard to ignore the opportunity to help others.











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